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'Relax Kids' Sessions

‘Relax Kids’ is already being used in over half a million schools and homes in the UK. It gives children the tools to manage stress and anxiety and improves concentration and behaviour by using a 7 step system to establish calm, confident, happy, resilient ‘relaxed kids’.


Children will be encouraged to engage in movement, play, stretches, breathing, massage, affirmation and visualisation.


The first pilot was set up in Knowsley  to test the effectiveness of the relax kids programme. After 3 years of running the programme daily, exclusions were reduced from 19 in a year to zero. Ofsted gave the school ‘outstanding’ for emotional welfare of pupils in their care.


Studies show the positive impact the programme has on attainment and resilience and helps to get children to a place where they are ready to learn.


What we provide:


  • Class Relax Kids sessions

  • 1:1 sessions

  • After school community classes

  • Parent and child sessions

  • Chill skills for teens

  • Little star exercises (under 5’s)

  • Parents relaxation

  • Relax Kids Parties


For more information or costings, please get in touch.


Supports physical health
  • develops body awareness, flexibility and relaxes muscles

  • decreases physical tension, releases endorphins and calms the nervous system

  • boosts energy levels and circulation and immune system

  • improves sleep


Supports mental health

  • stills, calms and clears the minds 

  • sharpens concentration and focus 

  • improves memory retention 

  • reduces stress and tension 

  • increases positive thinking 

  • stimulates imagination and creativity


Supports emotional well-being

  • develops self-confidence 

  • promotes positivity and self-esteem 

  • increases emotional literacy 

  • builds emotional resilience 

  • provides tools to cope with stress and anxiety

  • increases happiness and optimism


Tools for life

Relax Kids uses relaxation techniques to help children recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life. The relaxation techniques provide a toolbox of skills which can be transferred into later life. If children can learn to be calm under pressure at a young age, then they stand in good stead for their adult life.


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